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IECA Exhibitor Priority Point System


The International Erosion Control Association Priority Points Program is the corporate participation and loyalty reward system. Exhibitor Priority Points are received throughout the year by your overall investment spend and participation in IECA. Points are accumulated from Nov 1 to Oct 31 each year and are awarded at 1 priority points per $500 spend, unless otherwise stated. We strongly encourage companies to invest in sponsorship and advertising opportunities for the purpose of enhancing their overall IECA experience. At any given time there are more than 100 companies earning IECA points. The more points you have the better date/time you will receive and have a greater chance of a great booth location on the show floor.

What is the process and how do I earn IECA Priority Points?

Exhibitors will accumulate IECA Priority Points in two (2) ways with each priority point equaling a $500 spend, rounded up, unless otherwise stated.

IECA Participation

  • IECA Annual Conference

    • Overall Conference Spend

      • Booth Space

      • Conference Sponsorship

      • Conference Advertising


IECA Regional Events (Managed by IECA)

  • Overall Conference Spend

    • Booth Space

    • Conference Sponsorship


IECA Partnership Levels

  • Silver – 3 point

  • Gold – 5 points

  • Platinum – 10 points


IECA Corporate Membership

  • Corporate – 1 point

  • Emerald – 3 points

  • Cornerstone – 5 points


What happens to IECA Priority Points I earned in the past?

Beginning November 1, 2019 IECA implemented a new process. Current points accumulation were honored and entered into our new online calculation system.

What happens if I miss the IECA Annual Conference?

We understand sometimes you will miss an Annual Conference. Missing Annual Conference will result in point loss for the current year based on the table below.

  • Miss One Year of Annual Conference – 10 points

  • Miss Two Years of Annual Conference – 15 points

  • Miss Three Years of Annual Conference – 20 points

  • Miss Four Years of Annual Conference – Points re-set


Do I accumulate points from past years?

Yes, points are cumulative. Any points year earn each year are saved and added to future point selection.

What happens if I make changes to my investment throughout the year?

Point calculations happen Nov 1 year each. We update each company’s priority point total on Nov 1 in preparation for booth selection, which happens February each year.

When is booth selection for the Annual Conference?

Booth selection happens in January or February each year and opens two weeks week prior to the Annual Conference. Watch for communication from the Sales Team in early January each year to receive your booth selection time.

Can I transfer my points if I am not planning to attend the Annual Conference?

Priority points are neither property nor a license and cannot be transferred, sold or assigned by an Exhibitor. The priority point system is subject to cancellation, change or modification by IECA at any time without prior notice.

What if my company has a merger or acquisition?

If two companies have merged, the company with the higher number of points will have its points applied to this year’s process and beyond.

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