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The MAC IECA and Northeast Chapters of IECA are co-hosting their Annual Conference in 2024.

The bustling IECA Expo Hall will offer innovative solutions, products, and a wealth of expertise from our exhibitors and sponsors. With a focus on stormwater and erosion control solutions in the region, this conference was specifically designed to cater to the needs of professionals like you who manage these critical aspects. Attendees will expand their knowledge and earn valuable professional development hours with our comprehensive conference program. Gained insights through peer-to-peer learning, forge meaningful connections during regional networking sessions, and enhance your technical skills through dynamic speakers and engaging workshops. This conference provided a gateway to acquiring the latest knowledge and best practices in stormwater and erosion control, all with a northeast-specific portfolio.

The 2024 IECA South Central Conference & Expo will be held in the vibrant city of San Marcos, Texas, and proudly hosted by the South-Central Chapter of the International Erosion Control Association (SCIECA).

The conference is specifically designed to provide industry professionals like yourself with an opportunity to enhance your knowledge and expertise in the field of Erosion & Sediment Control, MS4 Management and Stormwater Management. Attendees will embark on a journey of regional training, exploration of cutting-edge products in the expo hall, and invaluable networking opportunities.

The 2024 Australasia Conference & Expo will be hosted at the picturesque Millenium Hotel in Queenstown, New Zealand. Plan to attend this transformative event where we unite scientists, engineers, professionals, practicitioners, regulators, academics, and students in a collective mission to protect our invaluable soil and water resources.

We will come together to engage, collaborate, and discuss innovative solutions that effectively halt the spread of sediment, safeguarding our environment and ensuring sustainable land and water managementj practices. With a focus on both established concepts and emerging technologies, we will delve into the subtleties that can determine success or failure in our endeavours. We will examine past mistakes, embrace new approaches, and work harder to navigate the complexities of managing land and water resources.

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The 2024 IECA Great Rivers Kansas will be held in the Lenexa, Kansas. Hosted by the Great Rivers Chapter of the International Erosion Control Association, this conference will take place at the Hyatt Place Kansas City, located at 8742 Ryckert Street, Lenexa, KS 66219, US

The IECA 2024 Mountain States Conference & Expo will take place in the vibrant city of Fort Collins, Colorado. Hosted by the Mountain States Chapter, this conference will explore the latest advancements in the industry while emphasizing the inportance of environmental stewardship.

Set against the breathtaking backdrop of Colorado’s majestic mountains, this conference will bring together erosion and sediment controlj professionals, as well as environmental compliance experts, to delve into the cutting-edge developments that are shaping our industry. It is a unique opportunity to gather insights, forge connections, and contribute to the collective mission of protecting our natural environment.

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