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IECA Annual Conference and EXPO

February 5-8, 2023  |  Kansas City Convention Center  |  Kansas City, MO


This is your opportunity to get in front of industry decision-makers to make onsite sales, build your pipeline and network with existing clients. Make sure you stand out from other exhibitors to help showcase your organization.

IECA offers a variety of sponsorships to connect you with attendees who are actively buying.


Your customers, competitors and prospects will be there.

     1,500+                  35%    

IECA Industry Professionals      of Attendees Make a Purchase 

     Attend from Around                   Based on Information  

           the World                                  Gathered Onsite

      35%                      93%

 of Attendees Spend 5+                        of Attendees

Hours in the Exhibit Hall                    Visit the Expo Hall

Please note: Company must be an IECA organizational member to receive the member pricing rate.

Individual memberships are not applicable to receive the special discounted rate.


The IECA Annual Conference and GEO EXPO Hall features more than 300 exhibitors representing innovative products, services and technologies in the industry. And the combined attendance should result in over 3,000 attendees visiting the EXPO. Make sure your company will be represented on the show floor.

Standard 10x10 booth includes the following:

• 8’ high back drape and 3’ high side rail drape

• One ID sign (company and booth number)

• Company name and profile on the conference microsite, program guide and mobile app.

• Two exhibitor conference registrations per 10x10 space, which includes networking reception, lunch during expo hall hours and access to education sessions (space permitting). Preconference sessions are excluded.

• Preconference mailing list sent after advance registration deadline.

• Post conference list is available through the mobile app only.

Size                                         Member/Nonmember Price 

10’ x 10’ Linear.....................................$2,500 / $2,800

10’ x 10’ w/Corner...............................$2,700 / $3,000

10’ x 20’ Linear.....................................$4,800 / $5,200

10’ x 20’ w/Corner...............................$5,000 / $5,500

10’ x 20’ Peninsula w/2 Corners.........$5,200 / $5,700

10’ x 20’ Island.....................................$5,500 / $6,000

20’ x 20’ Island.....................................$9,800 / $10,100

20' x 20' Peninsula...............................$9,500 / $9,800

20' x 30' Peninsula .............................$11,900 / $12,300

20' x 30' Island ...................................$12,200 / $12,500

20' x 40' Peninsula .............................$15,800 / $16,100

20' x 40' Island ...................................$16,100 / $16,400


Exhibitor Schedule

February 5   8:00 AM - 5:00 PM  - Static/Large Display Move In
February 6   8:00 AM - 2:00 PM  - Exhibitor Move In

                     4:30 PM - 6:30 PM   - Exhibitor Reception
February 7   9:00 AM - 5:00 PM  - Exhibitor Hall Open
February 8   9:00 AM - 2:00 PM  - Exhibitor Hall Open
February 8   2:00 PM - 8:00 PM   - Exhibitor Move Out


For larger, custom size booths, please contact Mark Farmer at or by phone to at 1(303) 468-2236 to discuss size and pricing.

Exhibit Cancellation Policy

In the event your Company finds it necessary to cancel participation in the IECA 2023 Annual Conference, you will receive a 50% refund if a written request is made prior to September 9, 2022. After September 9, 2022 NO REFUNDS will be made.


Stand out from the crowd! Designed to strengthen and promote your brand at the Annual Conference, IECA offers a variety of sponsorships to connect you with attendees who are actively buying. All standard sponsorship include the following:

• Recognition on conference signage
• Recognition in IECA conference mobile app
• Recognition in conference program guide


Co-hosted with IFAI, get podium recognition in front of 700-800 attendees! Sponsorship includes a table tent at each table and a walk-in slide with a custom marketing message for your company.

Member $2,500  |  Nonmember $5,000 SOLD


This IECA attendee lunch, hosted with GEO, draws 700-800 attendees and provides you with a table tent literature at each luncheon table and a walk-in slide with a custom marketing message for your company.

Member $5,000  |  Nonmember $7,000


Welcome 2,500 attendees to the Expo Hall with signage at the IECA Expo Hall entrance and gobos displaying your company logo during the reception. Sponsorship includes a literature insert inside the bag, a bar located near your booth and 10 drink tickets. Sponsor must provide literature inserts and logo.

2 Sponsorships Available - 2 SOLD
Member $7,000  |  Nonmember $9,000


Join the IECA Great Lakes Chapter for a warm welcome to Kansas City, KS and the IECA Annual Conference. The event will be hosted at location where IECA will take over the entire restaurant. This venue is sure to provide the perfect kick off to the IECA 2023 Annual Conference. This event will include food and drink for attendees and typically draws a crowd of around 200 attendees. Support this local event and be promoted alongside the Welcome Reception. The sponsorship will highlight your company throughout the event with your logo displayed on TVs and signage, will provide 15 complimentary attendee passes to the event and the opportunity to provide souvenir’s for attendees. Package includes 200 Pint Glasses and napkins.

Member $3,000  |  Nonmember $4,500 - SOLD


Designed to bring IECA and IFAI attendees to the Expo Hall, this lunch serves 1,000 attendees daily and includes collateral at the tables for attendees to browse while they eat lunch and signs with company logo at each table.

Tuesday     Exclusive - SOLD

Member $5,000  |  Nonmember $7,000

Wednesday - Day 2    4 Available -  2 SOLD

Sponsorhip includes a food station at your booth for attendees to stop by for the final day of exhibition!

Member $1,500  |  Nonmember $4,500


Promote your company’s name and logo on the IECA Annual Conference lanyard. Sponsorship also includes a literature insert inside the bag. IECA will select, design and purchase the lanyards and the sponsor is responsible for providing their company logo and literature insert.

Member $7,000  |  Nonmember $9,000   SOLD


Logo recognition on prime IECA signage and shared aisle signs directing visitors to your booth. Sponsorship includes your company logo and booth number on the aisle sign. - SOLD

Member $7,000  |  Nonmember $9.000


Seven (7) Street Signs Available for Event Sponsorship

Member $750 per pole l Nonmember $850 per pole - 5 AVAILABLE


12:30pm-3:30pm Sunday, February 5, 2023

We’ll begin our tour at Boulevard Brewing Company with a tour of the facilities and tasting room samples. Boulevard was founded in 1984 after founder John McDonald wondered into a bar on vacation that specialized in Belgium beers and knew he could bring that flavor back to Kansas City. Following the Brewery we will travel to Jack Stack Barbecue to enjoy a sampling of some of their top barbecue dishes. Jack Stack Barbecue is currently fourth generation owned after being founded in 1957 by Russ Fiorella. Sponsorship Includes:

  • 4 complimentary attendees on the tour. (Additional tickets available at $95 per person)

  • Recognition as an IECA Conference Sponsor: on conference signage, on the mobile app and program guide.

  • Recognition as tour sponsor and on website.

2023 Flagpoles_edited.jpg

Member $2,500  |  Nonmember $3.000


Properly caffeinate attendees at the conference with a coffee lounge sponsorship located in the IECA town hall. Sponsorship also includes signage and company branded sleeves.

Member $4,500  |  Nonmember $6,500    SOLD

IECA and GEO Young Professionals Event: Join us at Sinkers Lounge

Are you 40 or under? Or support young professionals in the industry? Join us for the 2023 IECA and GEO Young Professional Event hosted at Sinkers Lounge. Sinkers Lounge is the only place in Kansas City where you can enjoy a leisurely round of indoor minigolf paired with a craft cocktail. We're taking the best parts of your childhood mini golf and added a few twists! Connect with young professionals at this exciting IECA and GEO networking event exclusive for this 100 audience segment. Sponsorship also includes signage at the event.

Member $2,000  |  Nonmember $3,000  SOLD


Conduct private meetings in one of our onsite meeting rooms.

4 Rooms available -  2 SOLD

Member $800 day rate  |  Nonmember $1,000 day rate


Advertising options allow you to share more about your product/service and conference happenings with attendees. Sponsorships exclusive to IECA attendees will be marked as such.

Program Guide Insert

Add a piece of collateral to all Program Guides. Sponsor must supply insert.

4 available - 2 SOLD

Member $2,000  |  Nonmember $3,000


IECA Badge Ticket Insert

Add a custom message to IECA attendee badges to stop by your booth, win a prize, or enter into a drawing. Sponsorship includes company logo/promotion attached to the attendee badge and recognition in the conference program guide and onsite signage.

2 Available

Member $2,500  |  Nonmember $3,500


EXPO Hall Floor Graphics

Located in the exhibit hall, custom floor clings feature company logo and booth number.

Member $2,500  |  Nonmember $4,500


IECA Product Case Study

Host a vendor workshop to promote how your product/service works to all conference attendees. Must be an exhibitor to participate.

60-minute Showcase......Member $750  |  Nonmember $950

30-minutes Showcase....Member $500  |  Nonmember $750

IECA Vendor Showcase in IECA Learning Lab

Showcase your product in the Expo Hall with a 20-minute presentation, open to all attendees. Must be an exhibitor to participate.

Member $300  |  Nonmember $400


Program Guide Ad

2 Page Spread.......Member $5,575 Nonmember $5,900
2/3 Vertical.............Member $2,750 Nonmember $3,075
1/2 Horizontal........Member $2050 Nonmember $2,350
1/2 Island...............Member $2,125 Nonmember $2,448
1/3 Horiz or Vert....Member $1,450 Nonmember $1,775
1/6 Horiz. or Vert...Member $1,125 Nonmember $1,450


Program Guide Logo

Place your logo by your company description in the printed onsite program guide, online in the interactive floor plan and in the IECA conference mobile app to stand out from your competition.

Member $400  |  Nonmember $500


IECA Annual Conference Microsite Web Banner

Get in front of every visitor who views the IECA conference website before, during and after the event.

Homepage Skyscraper  -  Member $3,000 | Nonmember $3,500  SOLD

Homepage Square  -  Member $2,000 | Nonmember $2,500 SOLD

IECA Conference Mobile App

IECA’s mobile app keeps attendees informed on conference changes, expo hall happenings, gaming and more!

Splash Screen Sponsor (exclusive) - Each time the app is opened, your ad appears!

Member $1,500 | Nonmember $2,000  SOLD

Rotating Banner (exclusive)

Display 3 different web banners for the price of 1! The rotating banner appears at the top of each app page.

Member $2,000 | Nonmember $2,500 SOLD

Hotel Branding

Hotel branding opportunities are available at conference hotels. Contact the sales department for details, pricing and availability.

To explore how to grow your business with IECA, please contact

Mark Farmer, Director of Sales

1 (303) 468-2236 |